Our results

How clients have created, captured & sustained value

  • We research pricing vs competitors for a leading dry goods brand to find high latent brand loyalty and identify appropriate pricing strategies and tactics for different pack segments.
    Dry goods
  • Commercial Works Price and Value workshops for a major grocery chilled cabinet brand reorientate and align the Sales, Marketing and Finance perspectives on price, its vital importance to the business, build confidence in the value they bring to market and the price they charge to lay the table for increased profitability.
    Chilled cabinet brand
  • Simple price trade-off research for a global produce brand demonstrates price sensitivity in a variety of markets so that the client can take a more cautious (and profitable) approach to price reduction with facts in support
    Produce brand
  • Pack-price programme helps a leading beverage brand grow EBIT by 5%, beating Sales and Profit budget in the year of implementation, underpinning profitability for future.
    Beverage brand
  • Depth value and price research directs price restructure which increases revenue by 14% and transforms profitability at holiday provider.
    Holiday provider
    Travel and Leisure
  • Chilled cabinet brand optimises promotions and redeploys 20% of price promotion funds to brand development.
    Chilled cabinet brand
  • We researched and analysed consumers' memory structures for a client in the travel industry. This led to a more simple, focused and efficient campaign development process.
    Leisure brand
    Travel industry
  • Packaged grocery client grows EBIT by 20% by reshaping promotion conduct
    Snack foods
  • Foodservice company develops new portfolio strategy for their private labels to significantly increase their PL scale and profitaibility
    Foodservice company
  • We guided one of the leading retailers in the Netherlands with switching from a fuzzy lifestyle segmentation to a down to earth segmentation that helped location managers optimizing their stores.
  • We supported the alignment of a research team and product management at a large airline that struggled with making tangible impact with marketing intelligence input.
    Aviation Industry
  • Repositioning of a retail bank for intermediaries. This led to a more recognizable and distinctive brand and a 10% increase in profits.
     Intermediary bank
    Financial services
  • Due to a shift in business strategy, we were asked to reposition a retail banking brand so it would be better aligned to its target group, their needs and the bank’s new proposition and services.
    Retail bank
    Financial services
  • We developed a brand portfolio strategy focused on intermediary mortgage lenders. The result was a significant reduction of marketing costs and an improved market share (in a declining market).
    Mortage lender
    Financial services
  • Spirits brand exits downward promotion cycle and increases profits by 35%.
    Spritis brand