We help create, capture and sustain value

We are a consulting firm that supports clients through research, analysis and coaching to develop effective, evidence-based marketing and commercial strategies to grow their brands.

We keep it simple.

We live with the need to balance volume and profitability, the short and long game, every day. We bring an outside-in perspective to create, capture and sustain value so that you can expand your choices for better and more sustainable commercial success.

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The Path to Profitable Growth

The Commercial Works is a partnership focused on Marketing, Selling and the Path to Profitable Growth. We help clients grow by selling more to more customers for more.

We believe in balance, the short and the long, reach and loyalty, scale and profitability for sustainable growth. Strategy likewise is about pulling the right levers, knowing how end-users and resellers choose, in order to achieve those objectives.

Often it helps to step far enough back to see what is really going on, using evidence to challenge existing norms and habits in a spirit of constructive improvement. This can unlock new, well-aligned energy across the business, focused on profitable growth.

Our most effective work leverages the Sales-Marketing-Finance ‘triple play', developing shared perspectives and common ground firmly based on evidence to develop and drive growth strategy and tactics for early traction that are well-understood and supported by the whole team. Projects tend to be a mix of Capability Build, Research and Work-With delivered via workshops, close team-working, turnkey sub-projects and coaching.

For clients, our emphasis is on building team capability so that the business can take itself forward after working with us. We have delivered customised programmes designed to stimulate evidence-based development for implementation for more than 15 years to clients in Europe, Australasia, and North America.

We maintain close contact with The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and other leading evidence-based researchers and writers to continuously challenge and update our approach and how to apply it for growth in the real world.

If you want to address growth, we should talk.

What we do

Areas in which we support our clients


Diagnose true challenges

- Growth levers performance diagnostic
- Barriers to brand penetration and how to overcome them
- Identify key users, now and in the future
- Routes to the consumer – channels and customers
- Strategic options for growth


Intelligence & Insight

- Category dynamics: volume and value, untapped opportunities
- Brand tracking: buyer and usage behaviour
- Mental Availability: Reach, Relevance, Recognition
- Physical Availability: Suitability, Distribution, Visibility
- Value Delivery: what, how for Consumer, for Company
- Deep Dives into brand and product/service performance topics


Customised coaching

- Buyer behaviour & growth levers
- Brand analytics & diagnostic process
- Mental Availability: building Reach, Recognition and Relevance
- Physical availability: building Suitability, Distribution, Visibility
- Value and Price, Revenue Management
- Commercial Conduct, Trading Strategy
- Key customer/intermediary management, Selling & Negotiation
Seminars | Workshops | Work-with | Coaching


Plans and Tactics

- Mental Availability: Media planning, Creative, Branding
- Physical Availability: Range offer, Distribution, Visibility at Point of Purchase
- Revenue management: Price level, Pack architecture, Promotions optimisation, Mix
- Organising for Growth, Development plans, Energising the team
- Budget optimisation, long and short