We help create, capture and sustain value

We are a consulting firm that supports clients through research, analysis and coaching to develop effective, evidence-based marketing and commercial strategies to grow their brands.

We keep it simple.

We live with the need to balance volume and profitability, the short and long game, every day. We bring an outside-in perspective to create, capture and sustain value so that you can expand your choices for better and more sustainable commercial success.

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What we do

Areas in which we support our clients


Diagnose true challenges

Identify key users, now and in the future
Routes to the consumer – channels and customers
Achievable goals, building commercial resilience


Plans and Tactics

Mental and physical availability
Design, visibility & reach
Effective delivery
Revenue management
Pack-price architecture
Price & promotions optimisation


Customised coaching

Brand growth & buyer behaviour
Value and Price, the key to profit growth
Commercial conduct –how to capture and sustain value for the business
Brand analytics
Key customer and intermediary management
Seminars | Workshops | Work-with | Coaching


Intelligence & Insight

Relative Value and Price diagnostics
Category dynamics
Brand tracking – buyer behaviour, usage, distinctive assets, mental availability
Continuous data (scan and panel)
Ad hoc surveys with global reach